Sisters and Strangers

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When Shaindel and Yonah Isaacson
relocate to the community of Birch Park,
the future looks fabulous. They find a great
house, Yonah snags an exciting job, and
Shaindel welcomes a fresh start in life after
playing mother to her younger sisters. It
all seems too good to be true until Shaindel
discovers that it is too good to be true. She's
stumbled into the heart of a secret that's
tearing apart the community and is now
threatening to destroy her family too.Back in Brooklyn, Shaindel's sister
Blumie is navigating her way to a year
in an innovative new seminary when
her father makes an announcement that
shakes her and her family to the core.Sisters and Strangers is a story about
growing, healing, and new beginnings.
(With some laughter and recipes too.)

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