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The popular serial that kept readers enthralled in Mishpacha magazine is sure to delight all over again.
Includes brand-new material!

Libby bit her lip, then looked Rivka full in the face.


“I know what you want to talk about, Rivk. And I also know you’ve been trying to broach the topic the entire morning while I’ve been doing everything I can to stop you. Look, I’ll be blunt: I love you tons, but it’s a disaster for you to get involved between me and Bin.” Libby’s cheeks were fuchsia; her eyes flashed fire. “Tell whoever’s pressuring you to call off their dogs, or you and I are through. And I mean it.”


Meet Libby Hirsch: A newly divorced sheitelmacher struggling to start her own business, navigate tricky ex-connections, and single-handedly manage the wild antics of her six-year-old son, Avi. Her ex-husband, Bin, is irresponsible at best, foolhardy at worst, making custody arrangements a nightmare. And her best friend, Rivka, also happens to be her former sister-in-law, leaving her all but friendless when family members apply pressure on their relationship.


Bestselling author Riva Pomerantz, who has captivated readers with her groundbreaking novels Green Fences and Diamond Dust, has us crying with Libby as well as cheering her on as she struggles to cope with the world of ADHD and single parenting, seeking to find the balance between love and limits. Libby must marshal all her resources to conquer each new crisis, with the pair of scissors in her hands often her only tool against a seemingly endless stream of challenges.

 Sprinkled with humor, written with warmth, it’s a journey that will keep you riveted till the very end. See for yourself whether courage and persistence can prevail; whether split ends can, indeed, be repaired.

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