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Who’s stealing Zeidy’s heirlooms? Twelve-year-old Yehuda Greenman loves playing soccer and hanging out with his friends at the park. When a pair of silver rimonim disappears from his grandfather’s extensive Judaica collection, Yehuda assumes it’s a onetime theft. But then, one by one, other valuables vanish: a crown, a Havdalah set, and more. Yehuda is shocked — and an investigation is underway!

Who would dare commit such a crime? Was it someone from the outside? Or was it an inside job?

Stolen!, by Millie Samson, is an action-packed adventure filled with nonstop twists and turns. From London’s crowded subways to Prague’s historic shul, join Yehuda and his friends on a mystery mission to bring their treasures home.

By:  Millie Samson

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