Strength Through Fire - A Chizuk Handbook P/B

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Finding Hope Comfort In Megillas Eichah.

Inspiring Stories of Triumph & Survival from the Darkest of Times.

Looking for that one book that can carry you through The Three Weeks in a meaningful, fortifying way?

During the Three Weeks, and especially on Tisha B'av, we devote time to the study of Megillas Eichah and the destruction of the Bais Hamikdash. However, there is actually an obligation to remember the Churban all year long.

In this inspiring work, Rabbi Hubner illuminates the ways in which Megillas Eichah can actually offer inspiration and strength to those who delve into the meaning of its p'sukim. Divided into three sections, Strength Through Fire offers essays on chizuk from various Rabbanim along with stories of incredible and unwavering faith during World War II. Additionally, Rabbi Hubner devotes an entire section of the book to the pasukim of Eichah itself, showing how they can be interpreted in a way that turns every negative into a positive. Conveying important messages of finding the good in every situation, Strength Through Fire proves to be a vital guide during the mourning period of the Three Weeks as well as throughout the year.

ALL NEW BONUS MATERIAL - 60+ pages of new material relevant to today's challenging times.

By: Rabbi Moshe Hubner

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