Struggles, Challenges and Tradition

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“Without knowing the past, we are woefully ignorant about the present, and certainly have no clue as to what the future will be.”

From Rabbi Berel Wein’s Introduction to Struggle, Challenges and Tradition

What Happened?

In a little over a century, masses of Jews throughout the world discarded the beliefs they had cherished for millennia. Orthodoxy seemed doomed to extinction.

And then ... After a century of losing battles with the forces of assimilation, as well as the horrors of the Holocaust, Torah Judaism underwent an almost-miraculous resurgence, prospering in a way that no one could ever have imagined.

Nobody brings Jewish history to vivid life like Rabbi Berel Wein. In Struggle, Challenges and Tradition Rabbi Wein takes us on a grand tour of world Jewry from the years 1820 - 1940. He explores the remorseless battles and the forces ranged for and against Torah observance. He discovers which strategies helped defend and rebuild Torah life -- and which failed.

Struggle, Challenges and Tradition is a fascinating work of history -- and a vital book for anyone who cares about Torah Jewry’s future.

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