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A True Account

Fifteen years ago, I discovered that I was a tzaddeikes.
Well, between Hashem and me, I still have quite a way to go, but the rest of the world, it seemed, was all too ready to launch me into the out-of-reach orbit of "those other people." I didn't want to be "those other people."

In my eyes, I hadn't changed at all from the typical starry-eyed seminary girl I had been only two years earlier. But in everyone else's eyes - I had. And to think that not so long ago I felt the same way about "those amaaaazing mothers of special-needs children."

With the birth of my son another dream was also born - the dream to write a book describing real life with a special-needs child. To take you into my sunshower of a life.

Sure, it's a shower. It's wet, it's cold, it's completely unexpected - but it's not the actual weather. It's a blip on an otherwise sunny day. And it even has its own magic...
Join Riki as she candidly and openly shares her true story, offering a fresh and even lighthearted perspective on what it's really like to raise a child with special needs.
A heartfelt offering from the talented and humorous co-author of Don't Ask for a Hot Dog! & The Hot Dog's Revenge! (Hilarious bloopers from ordinary people who thought they knew Hebrew... and English.)

By R. Schreiber

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