Super Agent Gizmo #4 - Operation Tempervirus

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Feldheim PublishersSKU: 210000034587   | ISBN: 9781680251715

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A new boy joins Super-Agent Gizmo's class and intends to befriend him.

Who is Morty Small - and can he be trusted?

It's Gizmo's most dangerous mission yet, and it has serious consequences.


Watch Gizmo and Inspector race against time after a mysterious super-virus is planted in the CIA.

Can they stop TemperVirus and cure Admiral Jones and Professor Egghead in time?


Join another hair-raising adventure and watch as Gizmo and Morty learn the power of achdus.

It's a lesson of a lifetime, and it's Gizmo's most important lifeline.

After all, we are all the children of Hashem.

Wash your hands. Mask up.

Let's start the achdus spread.


Super-Agent Gizmo: Operation TemperVirus.

A new chapter in the Super-Agent Gizmo series begins.

Author: A. Dweck

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