Supper 1.2.3 - Cookbook

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A one of a kind cookbook!  Each page is made up of three separate pages: proteins, starches, and vegetables. Mix and match the thirds to create your perfect Supper 123!

"What’s for supper?”

The question need no longer evoke dread within you, as with Supper 123, all the work of putting together a balanced menu for dinner each night has already been done! Supper 123 contains hundreds of recipes of delicious proteins, starches, and vegetables that you can serve for dinner each day, with the recipe pages cut into these 3 sections so you can easily flip back and forth and mix and match ‘em up however you like. All that’s left for you to do is the actual cooking—no more wracking your brains to figure out your meals!

If you’re a busy homemaker whose time and energy seem to center around the main meal of the day, this is the only cookbook you’ll ever need.

Get to know Supper 123. Get to know the joy and ease of cooking supper!

·         Recipes are simple and clear, and only use common ingredients.

·         Each recipe is accompanied by a full-color picture, so the complete supper is easy to imagine.

·         Includes shopping lists and ready meal ideas to help you get from blank mind to bountiful supper table.

 The A-Z guide for all users!

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