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The Story of the Sobibor Revolt

"Our day has come! Most of the Nazis are dead. Those of you who survive, bear witness; tell the world what has happened here. Now run for your lives, and may G-d be with you!"

These words launched the most daring and successful escape from a Nazi death camp during World War II. While the Jewish inmates of Sobibor witnessed thousands of their brethren being led to death daily, they refused to succumb to despair.

They faced almost impossible odds and lived in the most desperate of situations, yet with quiet dignity and fortitude, they struggled to preserve their faith and their hope for life. Under the direction of courageous leaders, these Jews boldly took their fate into their own hands.Throughout the book, the author portrays her characters and their daily encounters, and her recording of these events simply vibrates with emotion, anguish, hope and courage.

There is a quality to her writing that makes this otherwise heartbreaking story easy to read and digest, and as we find ourselves feeling inspired instead of shaken. 

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