The Achdus Club #5: On the Move

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“Ruthie, you seem really upset. Are you okay?” “Okay?” Ruthie turned to glare at Shoshi. “How would you feel about giving up your house, your things, and your room?” Ruthie fled down the hall, leaving Shoshi standing by herself.

Ruthie Somerfield’s family must leave their large, spacious house and move into a small, cramped apartment. Her new bedroom is tiny, she has to ride the crowded, noisy school
bus, and she misses her familiar neighbors. And if anyone finds out about it, she’ll be so
embarrassed! Will Ruthie ever be happy again?
Meanwhile, Purim is coming, and that means one thing: dressing up! Shulamis Green wants her costume to match her twin sister, Tova, but Tova has other ideas. Will Shulamis understand, or will she feel that Tova’s letting her down? On the Move is the fifth book in award-winning author Faygie Holt’s super-popular Achdus Club series. Join these spirited fourth graders as they deal with their problems and move onward and upward — with friendship and achdus

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