The Adventures Of Malkiel Dash #3 - Comics

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Malkiel Dash, private eye, returns for the third time. Bold and clever as ever, this time he lands in an especially dangerous arena...

Mr. Danger, the billionaire from Turkmenistan, doesn't stop trying to trap the top notch detective. Will he and four trained invaders succeed this time?

Skip between distand China and Saba Sabras' sophisticated lab. Hop over to visit Turkmenistan and take a swift flight back. Meet Ephraim, Kfitz and Pilpul's young cousin, who manages to communicate with Little Guy and upend everything at the last minute.

Is the Chinese interpreter a double agent?
How can the lab's locked door be opened?
Will PIF fall into the hands of evil forces?

In this book, too, as in the three previous ones, you'll find mysteries that stymied the best of minds, schemes that almost brought about terrible catastrophes and many more fascinating characters that come together to create a twisting, winding plot - with a surprise ending.

With talented illustrator Avimi's high-energy illustrations and the quality production of Comics magazine, we present you with a carefully crafted, first-rate comic book, compete with thought provoking educational messages. Enjoy!

Pages: 61
Author: H. Pe'er
Illustrator: Avimi

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