The Adventures of the Cheery Bim Band Vol. 1 - it's a great idea

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Chaim FinkelsteinSKU: 210000005122   | ISBN: 9781560621898

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Meet The Cheery Bim Band!

GAVRIEL WEINTRAUB: Bright and restless, he's constantly thinking up new things to do. And then one day he comes up with a really great idea for the Pirchei talent contest.

SHAYA LEVIN: Smart and studious, he's more likely to be reading than performing in public. Gavriel's idea excites him, though, and soon he's coming up with suggestions of his own

MOSHIE CHAIM KRAMER: Cheerful and competent, he can accomplish just about anything. And he'll really need his talents to get the band into the show.

BINYAMIN WEINTRAUB: Eager to perform with his older brother Gavriel, he finally gets the chance he's been waiting for.

YOSSI BELSKY: As Binyamin's best friend, he's thrilled to be together with him on this wonderful adventure.

Together they form the CHEERY BIM BAND! Join them in their opening performance as they discover for themselves, and demonstrate to all, what courage and determination are all about.

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