The Adventures of the Cheery Bim Band Vol. 2 - Let's Do It Again!

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Gavriel Weintraub has leaned back his head and is stroking an imaginary beard. This can only mean one thing, a new idea! And indeed it is. Gavriel has decided that the Cheery Bim Band just has to play at the Hachnassas Sefer Torah in the oldest Shul in Riverport.

Moshe Chaim Kramer, whose grandfather is the president of the Shul is given the task of getting everything arranged, but he gets carried away with the plans for the performance and finds himself in trouble.

Shaya Ginsburg and Gavriel become suspicious when Moshe Chaim shows up in school with his arm in a sling and matters come to a head.

Join the members of the Cheery Bim Band as they literally chug along the rocky road to their next performance!

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