The Adventures of the Cheery Bim Band Vol. 4 - Color War!

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M.C. MillmanSKU: 210000005119   | ISBN: 9781560622604

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Binyamin Weintraub and Yossi Belsky can't wait for the best part of camp to get under way. With color war about to begin, the Cheery Bim Band will just have to be put on hold.

Gavriel Weinraub is baffled by his brother's attitude. What could be more important than the Cheery Bim Band? And why are Binyamin and Yossi accusing him of bossing them around?

Shaya Ginsburg and Moshe Chaim Kramer agree with the youngest band members - it's time to enjoy color war, not worry about band practices! They also think it's time for everyone to join in the decision making process, instead of Gavriel leading the band on his own.

Yona Greenberg, the Red Team captain, does not know about the Cheery Bim Band, but he does know that Gavriel is spending way too much time with boys on the opposite team. Angry and suspicious, Yona jumps to conclusions.

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