The Adventures of the Cheery Bim Band Vol. 5 - In the Spotlight!

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M.C. MillmanSKU: 210000005120   | ISBN: 9781560622659

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When Gavriel Weintraub receives an invitation to the Mandelbaums' only son's Bar Mitzvah he sets the Cheery Bim Band in motion.

Moshe Chaim Kramer goes all out to get the band to play at the first Bar Mitzvah of their class.

Binyamin Weintraub is all for it. He knows this isn't just any Bar Mitzvah. This is the Bar Mitzvah of the Mandelbaums, and he, as well as all of Riverport, is eagerly anticipating the festivities that are sure to ensue at the big event.

Shaya Ginsburg is too thrilled with the visit of the Rosh Yeshiva to their classroom to be worried about the message he delivers to their class weeks before the first Bar Mitzvah will take place.

Yossi Belsky realizes, though, that this could spell doom for all the plans the band had made thus far for attending the Mandelbaums Bar Mitzvah.

Will the plans of the Cheery Bim Band be ruined? Will they get their moment...?
In The Spotlight!

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