The B.Y. Times #16

SKU: 210000035167   | ISBN: 9781614652021



Run a mini day camp during Pesach vacation! It’s a way to earn some money, do some chesed, and have fun all at the same time. What a fabulous idea for the B.Y. Timesers!

What could possibly go wrong? Jen, for starters. The perky, buoyant assistant editor is surprisingly sulky about the project. What’s bothering her, and how can her friends help?

If Jen’s behavior is puzzling, there’s nothing mysterious about the way the little ones in the B.Y. Times “baby school” act. Can the B.Y. Timesers survive the pushing, fighting, crying, teasing, and shrieking with their day camp—and their nerves—intact?

And if half a dozen impossible children weren’t enough, there’s newfound Gila Schell’s sister, Ahuva.

She’s cute and lovable—and she may very well destroy the day camp just by being there!

Join our heroines as they confront one of their most difficult decisions ever and learn to cope with the Babysitting Blues.

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