The B.Y. Times #2 Batya's Search

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Leah KleinSKU: 210000013827   | ISBN: 9781614657729

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Put out the welcome mat — the Russians are coming to Bais Yaakov of Bloomfield!

There’s excitement in store when three Russian girls join Bais Yaakov of Bloomfield’s sixth grade. For Batya Ben-Levi, an only child who hides her loneliness beneath a cheerful smile, the new girls offer the chance to find the sisters she so
longs for. But for quick-tempered, fiery Nechama Orenstein, the new Russian students mean nothing but trouble — in the schoolyard, in the schoolroom, and even in her own home! 

Batya’s Search is the second in the beloved series about the girls who put out Bais Yaakov of Bloomfield’s school newspaper, the B.Y. Times. Come and meet Shani, Raizy, Chinky and Pinky, Batya, and Nechama — and join the fun!

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