The Baker's Dozen #17 - No Room for Bakers!

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Once there was a family. Their name was Baker. They had many children.

Twelve of them…until now… Now there’s one more of them! The Baker’s Dozen.

With Mrs. Baker expecting a new baby, there are heated discussions going on at the Baker home.
If you ask the Baker girls—of course it’s a girl! If you ask the Baker boys—it better be a boy. But there’s still one major problem that hasn’t been solved—where to put the new baby? Just when the Baker boys realize that a new baby will mean less space, they find out that they’ll have to make room for some unexpected houseguests. Three’s company, six is definitely a crowd!

The Baker girls have problems of their own. Bracha’s efforts to dig up the past look fruitless, and Tikva and Yochie’s ambitious plans look like they’re only headed for the wastebasket. When Chanukah arrives, the Bakers learn about sharing and understanding, and experience their own miracle in the Baker’s Dozen Grand Finale: No Room for Bakers!

By: Miriam Zakon

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