The Baker's Dozen #3: And the Winner Is...

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Once there was a family. Their name was Baker. They had many children.

Twelve of them. The Baker’s Dozen.

There’s plenty of excitement in the Baker household. Mr. Baker is running for town councilman. Bracha gets the lead in the school play. And Moishy looks like a shoo-in for his class “Most Valuable Bochur” award.

Yes, the Bakers are riding high. But each of them soon learns that what goes up can sometimes come tumbling down—with a crash.
Mr. Baker is so busy on the campaign trail that his family almost forgets what he looks like. Instead of standing in the spotlight, Bracha finds herself alone on the sidelines...again. And Moishy’s so busy trying to dazzle his rebbe with his remarkable memory that he loses sight of what being a good student really means.

Watch the wheel spin around again as Baker fortunes soar to new heights and this lovable family discovers what true accomplishment is all about—win or lose!

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