The Baker's Dozen #5 - The Inside Story

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News flash! Cousin Yanky from Baltimore is coming to stay with the Bakers—for a very special reason. But his cousins have hardly welcomed him into their home when there’s fresh excitement in the family. Family Fortunes magazine has decided to do a feature story on the quints! A reporter and photographer are driving up from New York to spend a whole Sunday at the Baker mansion. What could be more fun? In their brothers’ opinion, lots. Moishy, Chezky, and Donny were not consulted, and they’re mad. All week long, as their sisters make elaborate plans to impress the magazine people, the boys are immersed in dark counterplots of their own. And Mr. and Mrs. Baker are none too pleased either by the quints’ frantic grab for personal glory…

Will Yanky’s dreams come true? Will the Baker kids learn to pull together as a team again? It’ll take a series of mishaps to bring them all to their senses and to the—what else?—happy ending. Read all about it. We’ve got The Inside Story.

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