The Baker's Dozen #9: Through Thick and Thin

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Moishy Baker knows a secret: his father is going bankrupt—or so Moishy thinks. The Baker kids are determined to save the day by earning lots and lots of money.

Moishy and Chezky take on the neighbors’ chores, while the quints open a health spa in their basement. They think it’s a fantastic way to make money. Unfortunately, their mother doesn’t quite see eye to eye with them…

Meanwhile, Tikva has problems of her own. Her whole class is stargazing the nights away, preparing for the citywide astronomy contest, while she doesn’t even know what a star looks like. Being nearblind, she feels lonely and left out.
Finally, Tikva discovers something surprising about herself—and all the Baker kids discover something very surprising
about their father—in this rollicking read about everyone’s favorite family.

Whatever happens, you can be certain of one thing:
Those Bakers stick together—Through Thick and Thin! 

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