The Fearful Heroes - Volume 3

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A boat is headed for the Moroccan port of Agadir, carrying a pre- cious cargo - a group of Jewish refugees, fleeing from the terrors of the Holocaust. The Jewish community of Marrakesh is ready to receive them warmly, but Mustafa, the wily janitor, has his own evil plans for the refugees.... And then Kluger, too - the cleverest of the Fearful Heroes - is caught in Mustafa's trap!Armed only with their courage and wits, Flinker and Kunzer face a dangerous Berber tribe as they set out on their mission of rescue.Can they possibly succeed in rescuing Kluger and the refugees from Mustafa's treacherous plot?That question will hold you in suspense from the tents of Sheikh Abu Ziad all the way to a fortified palace on a seaside cliff...It will echo to the rhythm of galloping hoofs across endless desert sands...It will hang in the air as our heroes scale a towering wall in the dead of night...And it will nearly drive you crazy as you wonder how a couple of scary cos- tumes can help them carry out their daring mission.And the answer?It's waiting for you, somewhere in the broad expanse of colorful Morocco, beautifully illustrated by a skilled artist, among the fascinating pages of yet another book in the bestselling Fearful Heroes series by Noach Rubin.Have fun reading!

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