The Gift of Stuttering

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Confronting Life's Challenges: A Personal Journey

Growing up with a debilitating stutter and seemingly unanswerable questions about G-d, Moe Mernick found everyday life to be a painful and lonely experience. After suffering for years, Moe discovered an exceptional life of meaning and purpose — and in doing so, turned the tables on his speech impediment.

This is a remarkable story of one man's journey from despair to hope, from anger at G-d to spiritual fulfillment, from being a rebellious teenager to becoming a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. It's a story of finding meaning within life's challenges and of transforming the heaviest burdens into the greatest gifts.

About the Author:
Combining both of his passions, Jewish education and entrepreneurship, Moe Mernick runs International Marketing for an early-stage start-up, mentors budding entrepreneurs at a Jerusalem-based technology accelerator and has held numerous Jewish communal positions, including Regional Director for The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation (Hamburg, Germany), Senior Advisor at Counterpoint (Sydney, Australia) and City Director for NCSY (Vancouver, Canada). Moe holds an International MBA and Rabbinical Ordination, and lives in Israel with his wife and children.

The greatness of a person is that he is able to grow and accomplish in all circumstances. I have personally known the author and admire how he has grown through all his challenges.
— Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rosh HaYeshiva (Dean), Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia

Moe's story is one of resilience, growth and inspiration. He shows us the steps he took to overcome his challenges and inspires us to push harder to overcome our own.
— Charlie Harary, Esq., Co-Founder and CEO of H3 Capital LLC

In this exciting new book, the author describes the steps which led him to success in life, beginning with therapy, a family who embraced him, but perhaps most importantly, the realization that he no longer needed to hide his stuttering. Facing challenges is what life is all about and Moe’s story will resound with all readers who at some point in their lives will face challenges.
— Jane Fraser, President of the Stuttering Foundation of America

Moe Mernick is one of the most inspiring individuals I have been privileged to meet. His story and his accomplishments reset the bar for us all.
— Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen, author of To Kindle a Soul

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