The Haggadah of the Gerrer Dynasty

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The faith and fire of the Admorim of Peshishca, Kotzk, and Ger

The Haggadah of the Gerrer Dynasty looks at the story of the creation of our nation through the wise and humble eyes of the tzaddikim of the Gerrer dynasty, starting from Peshis’cha and Kotzk.

Most of the Torah thoughts in this unique commentary are brief, designed to be shared with everyone at the Seder. Many are not well-known, and all of them have the stamp of emes, of truth and authenticity. And, of course, there are stories! Stories of Rebbes and simple Jews. Stories from Egypt and from our modern world. Stories that strengthen our faith and renew our hopes for the future. Stories we can tell at the Seder, or tell and retell ourselves, when we need to give ourselves a powerful boost of emunah.

Yisroel Besser is the author of many bestselling biographies and Torah works, including Nishmas: Song of the Soul and Just Love Them: The Life and Legacy of Rabbi Dovid Trenk. In The Haggadah of the Gerrer Dynasty he has given us a wonderful gift for Pesach — a commentary that will enliven our Seder, even as it enriches our lives.

This haggadah speaks directly to our neshamos, our souls, whether or not we follow the path of Chassidus.

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