The Halachos when Tisha B'Av occurs on Shabbos or Sunday - s/c

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An authoritative halachic guide
Many unique halachos apply when Tishah B'Av falls out on Shabbos or Sunday. How must one conduct himself during a Shabbos Chazon that is also either Erev Tishah B'Av or Tishah B'Av itself? May one learn Torah on this Shabbos? Should one daven the tefillos and lein the haftorah of this Shabbos in the regular tunes, or use the tune of Eichah?

In this helpful guide, noted posek and author Rabbi Yisroel Dov Webster addresses these and many other questions that may come up in the situation of Tishah B'Av occurring on Shabbos or Sunday. Clear and concise yet thorough, this sefer will help you keep all the unique halachos for this time.

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