The Jewish Emissary

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Batsheva HavlinSKU: 210000032526   | ISBN: 9781942846185

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In the old city of Yerushalayim, Yechiel and Gittel just want a quiet life (or as quiet as Yechiel's antics will allow) but once again, dark clouds gather over their future. A mysterious cult of assassins seeks to topple Saladin's peaceful reign, and spread chaos and destruction across Yerushalayim.

Yechiel and Gittel find themselves caught between the hammer and the anvil, between Muslims and Christians, between the benevolent but naive King Saladin and the plotting King Richard. With emunah and bitachon, they overcome all the dangers that lie on their way from Yerushalayim to Cairo, and back again.

Join mischievous Yechiel and his resourceful sister Gittel, Theo - the cruel apostate, Peter - the hapless monk, Patrick - the drunken knight, and all the other characters you remember from the Jewish Crusader, in a brand new adventure filled with emunah, action and lots of fun.

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