The Laws of Chanukah - Halachic Handbook - p/b

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The Perfect Gift For A Simchah - Or For Yourself!

New in the Halachic Handbook series: A concise and clear summary of all the laws of the holiday of Chanukah. The halachos are written in a readable, easy-to-follow style, while extensive source notes make this a valuable resource for further, in-depth study. This volume also includes historical background of Chanukah.

Includes Birchas HaMazon - A unique gift to give out at weddings, sheva berachos, brissim, bar and bas mitzvahs, organizational dinners, and other events

Includes halachos of:
- the Chanukah menorah
- candle lighting
- where and when to light
- traveling on Chanukah
- Al HaNissim
- and many, many more.

By Rabbi Shmuel Felder & Rabbi Yitzchok Rosedale

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