The Leaf and the Worm

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Everything that Happens Comes from Hashem

One bright and beautiful day,

A holy tzaddik went on his way.

He suddenly stopped and looked up to see

A little green leaf that fell off a tree.


It flickered and fluttered as it made its way down

And landed so perfectly onto the ground.

The tzaddik wondered what the reason could be.

Why did the leaf fall off of the tree?


Indeed, why DID the leaf fall off of the tree? Was there a reason behind it?

Of course there was! As kids will see in this book, there is no such thing as something happening randomly. Each and every incident that happens, whether big or small, occurs for a very specific reason, and is planned out carefully by Hashem, the Master Planner of the entire world.

Written in child-friendly rhymes, with adorable illustrations to match, The Leaf and the Worm takes a well-known story and uses it to explain the fundamental concept of hashgachah pratis to young children. A must-read book with an important message!

Based on the well-known story about the Baal Shem Tov

By Rochi Levin

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