The Life-Giving Medicine - Chofetz Chaim

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And Other Stories about Rav Yisrael Meir Hakohen Kagan, the Chafetz Chaim zt"l

Even as a young child in Zhetel, his righteousness shone brightly. Everyone knew that this boy had an extraordinary neshamah, and that he was destined for greatness.

But did any of the townspeople dream just how far little Yisrael Meir Hakohen Kagan would go; how he would change the Torah world with the sefarim that he wrote, the yeshivah that he led, and the example that he set?

Yes, this boy with the shining middos and outstanding yiras Shamayim grew up to become the holy Chafetz Chaim, whose name and teachings are constantly on our lips almost 100 years later.

In this book, you will read twenty-five remarkable stories about the greatness of the Chafetz  Chaim. Each story will astound you and inspire you to follow in this towering gadol's beautiful ways.

by: Rabbi Avraham Ohayun

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