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A heart-stopping novel by a best-selling author


Returning to his home in the West Bank, Yoav Ne’eman discovers his wife and children brutally murdered in a terrorist attack. Beyond despair, Yoav finds that the only thing he has left is the sweet, sweet taste of revenge. Using his special undercover training from his years in the Israeli army, Yoav starts off on a one man mission: to search for and destroy every terrorist he can find – and avenge the murder of his family.

Rabbi Avner Levy has a mission of his own. After years of immersion in Torah learning lishmah, the young, energetic, and charismatic Rabbi Levy finds that he is destined to work for the klal. Within a short time, the young rabbi’s groundbreaking work turns into more than a successful outreach organization – it becomes a spiritual revolution. Now powerful people want that revolution stopped, and Rabbi Levy becomes the target of a notorious assassin.

When Divine providence brings Rabbi Levy and Yoav together, they form an unlikely alliance and accidentally stumble upon an ancient secret. The danger heats up, and the two are entangled in a web of deception, high-profile killings, and a deadly power struggle that could cost them much more than their lives.

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