The Lonely Man of Faith - Soloveitchik - p/b

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R' Joseph B. SoloveitchikSKU: 210000005070   | ISBN: 9780385514088

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In this modern classic, the rav uses the story of Adam and Eve as a springboard, interweaving insights from such important Western philosophers as Kierkegaard and Kant with innovative readings of Genesis to provide guidance for the faithful in today’s world. He explains prayer as “the harbinger of moral reformation,” and discusses with empathy and understanding the despair and exasperation of individuals who seek personal redemption through direct knowledge of a God who seems remote and unapproachable. He shows that while the faithful may become members of a religious community, their true home is “the abode of loneliness.” In a moving personal testimony, the rav demonstrates a deep-seated commitment, intellectual courage, and integrity to which people of all religions will respond.

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