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A daily practice for developing a close relationship with Hashem

Torah Judaism is flourishing like never before. We have worldwide tzedakah campaigns, thousands of chessed organizations, countless yeshivos and kollelim in every Jewish community, and any sefer you could ever want is easily accessible with the click of a button. There’s no shortage of these outside resources. Yet, there’s something more personal, something inside us, which has remained hidden…

Our connection with Hashem.

We’ve heard many stories of Jews — ordinary Jews who lived not so long ago — who had real emunah in Hashem and a real connection with Him. But in our modern times, is it possible to build such a connection with Hashem? Today, is it something the average person can achieve?

In this book, the author talks to the reader, heart to heart, about how to create a real, quality connection with Hashem. He describes the practice of daily “meetings,” which has been revolutionary in the lives of many readers so far — and can have the same effect for you. Once you’ve had a taste of this, you’ll have only one regret — that you didn't start sooner!

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