The Menuchah Principle In Shidduchim, Dating and Engagement

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There is a precious gift from Shamayim that has the power to bring you and your bashert together. It is called ...
Menuchas Hanefesh.

Whether you are about to begin dating or you have been dating for months or even years, the power of menuchas hanefesh will transform your ability to build a relationship that will last a lifetime, and beyond ....

The Menuchah Principle draws upon centuries of Chazal s wisdom to teach you how to acquire the transforming and life-enhancing gift of menuchas hanefesh -- a gift with the power to bring your life harmoniously together, while deepening your commitment to Hashem. When you learn to integrate menuchas hanefesh into your way of thinking, you ll lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. Menuchas hanefesh provides solutions to many of life s problems and is the key to living a life of joy.

This book, The Menuchah Principle in Schidduchim, Dating & Engagement, is the second in a series dedicated to the goal of enlightening our community about the precious gift of menuchas hanefesh.

What people are saying...

"I was a successful professional but, at 37, still single. Then, the Menuchah Principle changed my understanding of relationships. Baruch Hashem, my wife and I have just celebrated our six-month anniversary together." -- Aaron L.

"You owe it to yourself to read and re-read this life-transforming book." -- Rebbetzin Tehilla Jaeger

"This book is what you hope all dating books will be." -- Rina S.

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