The Navi Journey - Sefer Melachim Vol. 1

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Through the explanation of the Sages, the words of the Navi come alive in the latest edition of The Navi Journey Series: Melachim I. In this volume of the series we are introduced to Shlomo Hamelech, the wisest of men, who transformed the generation from the level of Mishkan to the building and service in the Beis Hamikdash. Under Shlomo Hamelech, the entire creation was elevated by the closeness to Hashem and precious avodah of his generation. Malchus Beis Dovid reaches its pinnacle with the building of the Bayis and Yisrael's faithfulness to Hashem, their mate for life, defines them during this time. Klal Yisrael are called "Yonassi," My dove, as they took on the unique feature of the dove remaining forever faithful to its mate.

Melachim I is a holy sefer, written to teach future generations how to live properly and know what Hashem expects from them. Of the myriad events and details of the era of the kings, only the lessons important for future generations were recorded. In this sefer, Sources are brought together from the Sages, explaining the events of Sefer Melachim I and illuminating these holy words for our lives today.

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