The Newlywed Guide

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Essential Lifecycle Halacha for the Jewish Home

Our generation has witnessed an explosion of Torah literature. Yet a book of common round-the-year Halachos for someone setting up a new home is not readily available to the English-speaking public. What do most people do? How come I never heard about this? We didn't do this at home!

When building their new mishkan me'at, a couple encounters many halachic issues which need clarification. The Newlywed Guide presents a concise compilation of these lifecycle halachos, from the period of time before the wedding until childrearing, which until now - for the most part - were learned by newlyweds accross the globe through trial and error.

In truth, this Sefer is not only for newlyweds, anyone can benefit from this invaluable contribution to the Jewish library.

by Rabbi Eliezer Cohen

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