The Practical Tanya - Vol. 3 - Letter On Repentance

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Volume Three: Igeres Ha-Teshuvah (Letter on Repentance) An astoundingly clear adaptation of Tanya, one of the most influential works of Jewish spiritual thought ever written, penned by Chasidic Rebbe, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812). .

Letter on Repentance is one of the clearest and most enduring guides to repentance and spiritual rehabilitation, from the perspective of Kabbalah, Chasidus and classical Jewish sources. Volume Three is a complete and independent work which stands on its own and does not require the prior study of Volumes One or Two. Many readers, in fact, find this volume, in particular, the best gateway to the world of Chasidic thought.

This new translation and commentary, by best-selling author Rabbi Chaim Miller, renders the text relevant for the contemporary reader with elegant simplicity. The Practical Tanya will guide you on the path of spiritual consciousness to a state of inner freedom and liberation.

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