The Rhode Not Taken

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Chaim tends to get a bit carried away sometimes. I, on the other hand, am hoping that if I don’t pay attention to the move, it’ll just go away. Kind of like teeth… If you ignore them, they’ll go away.

Not that I know from personal experience. I wonder if they have proper dentists in Dirtsville. Am I going to have to come back every time I need to see one? I heard that doctors there don’t have hours on weekends. As if I can schedule when my kids get sick.


Rocky Rhodes is back! When she, her husband Chaim, and their brood, kein ayin hara, move to Yehupitz, Delaware, Rocky is devastated. Living in Brooklyn was a mechayeh, with her thriving sheitel macher business, close friends, and oh-so-convenient takeout. Now her parents insist on visiting (“It’s time for us to sit back and shep a little nachas”), and her mother expects her to host a crowded yarchei kallah — complete with a kiddie carnival and a shechitah demo — and run Bnos Eidel Meidel, a new high school. When did Rocky sign up for this?

In this hilarious sequel to the wildly popular Rocky Rhodes, join Rocky as she leaves her comfort zone and travels down roads not taken.

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