The Shabbos Kitchen - Fully Revised and Expanded

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A comprehensive halachic guide to the preparation of food and other kitchen activities on shabbos

In Thirty Years, the Kedushah, the Holiness of Shabbos, Has Not Changed...
But Your Kitchen Has.
The Shabbos Kitchen -- Fully Revised and Expanded

Thirty years ago, Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen published his halachic masterwork, The Shabbos Kitchen. With its clear, understandable explanations of the issues involved and extensive notes, tens of thousands turned to The Shabbos Kitchen to understand the often complex halachos of preparing food and other kitchen activities on Shabbos.

With the passing of time and massive changes in technology, many new questions have been raised, many new piskei halachah have been developed. Raw fish, once considered inedible, now graces our sushi — has its status of muktzeh changed, as well? What issues are raised by modern-day water coolers, warming drawers, and digital features on refrigerators?

The Shabbos Kitchen -- Fully Revised and Expanded includes ten completely new chapters discussing halachos and scenarios not included in the earlier volume. In addition, as a world-class posek, Rabbi Cohen has heard countless shailos about Shabbos observance in these decades, and he has incorporated many of them into existing chapters. Indeed, one chapter with common applications is twice the size of the original, and two others, also pertaining to melachos that apply frequently, are three times the size!

While many things have changed in these past decades, some things stay the same. Things like our devotion to Shabbos, and our desire to show our love for it by keeping its halachos properly. This sefer will enable us to do just that.  

By Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen

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