The Soul of Emunah

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Connecting to the Neshamah of Yiddishkeit through Stories, Anecdotes, and Classic Sources

What is a Yid?
What is that elusive, indefinable something that makes a Jew different? That makes him special?
A Yid is not just a person. He is defined by his neshamah, the chelek Eloka mima’al that rests within him, the eternal spark.

His mission? To identify with that inherent kedushah, to grasp the spirituality that is his essence.
To connect to Hakadosh Baruch Hu in the deepest, most tangible way.
This is emunah.
Emunah is not merely "faith” or "belief”; it is so much more. It is really knowing, with certainty, that Hashem’s Presence fills the world. It is recognizing that nothing occurs or exists that is not directly fulfilling His Divine will. It is accepting that, because of this truth, everything we experience is hashgachah pratis and a manifestation of His goodness that is a result of our connection to Him. It is feeling His love.

Through this engaging and life-changing book, replete with fascinating stories and anecdotes, readers discover what nitzchiyus is and how we can connect to it, despite the lowliness of our generation. Even more integral, The Soul of Emunah is a guide for how to pass along this mesorah to our children and students, so that they too can perceive the reality of ruchniyus.

Building on his bestselling first book, The Heart of Emunah, and once again with the enthusiastic haskamos of many gedolei Yisrael, Rabbi Ruven Schmelczer takes readers on a journey to find the eternal dimension that resides within them and connect with it in a way they may never have before.This results in an emunah that is concrete and tangible. An emunah that is lived, and that can be passed on with the mesorah hakedoshah.
An emunah that is real.

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