The Travels & Tales of Dr. Emanuel J. Mitzva

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Everyone in Cedarville knows Dr. Mitzva. If you turn left at the first corner of Jericho Road, you’ll see his neatly lettered sign hanging outside his tidy, tip-top house: DR. EMANUEL J. MITZVA, D.M.E. Emanuel J. Mitzva isn’t an ordinary doctor. He’s a Doctor of Mostly Everything.

He heals sore throats and cures coughs and colds and earaches. He also takes care of droopy plants and homeless animals; sits with cranky babies; sings songs to sick children and runs errands for elderly folks who can’t go out. Sometimes he repairs broken dolls or fixes old clocks and shows people how to smile.

If you need help of any kind, you can come to Dr. Mitzva. “After all,” he always says, “if we don’t help each other, then whom shall we help?” With his Loopy Stethoscope and Collapsible Measuring Stick, his Smile Cream and Sonic Ear Drops, his Raspberry Throat and Think-ing Mints, Dr. Mitzva can cure almost any ailment. At least that’s what his patients say. Why don’t you pop over to Jericho Road in Cedarville and see for yourself?

Dr. Mitzva – a wonderful new character by the author of the Savta Simcha series and the Mimmy and Simmy books!

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