The Truth of the Torah - Battles from the World's Longest war

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Since Nimrod threw Avraham Avinu into the fire, Hashem’s teachings have been under attack.

Over the centuries, the Tzadukim, other religions, secular "Bible critics", reformers, and others have slandered the Torah, its traditions, and its leaders. In The Truth of the Torah, Rabbi Avigdor Miller leads the charge against the Torah’s enemies and critics — and demonstrates the unshakable truth of our traditions from Sinai:

  • Understand the lessons of the Torah’s brutal honesty and biting criticism… 
  • Learn definitive disproofs to the claims (and accusations) of other religions 
  • Discover why the oral tradition is a sign of Hashem’s love… and proves Yisrael is Hashem’s Chosen People
  • Follow the Oral Torah as it matures through the times of the Tannaim, Amoraim, and Rabbanim Savorai
  • Witness the creation of the mesivta in Bavel and the sealing of the Talmud in Bavel and Yerushalayim
  • Understand the other gift from Sinai — yiras shamayim (fear of Heaven) — and what it means to be an Eternal People
  • Read how Yisrael — and the nations — were tested at Sinai

Hard cover, 160 pages. 30% discount on a case (34) or more.

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