The Upsherin

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Halachos, minhagim, sources, and explanations

Sandwiched between the simchah of a boy's brisand the simchah of his bar mitzvah is yet another simchah: that of his upsherin. In actuality, this is really the celebration of a child beginning to learn Torah, and indeed it is cause for a truly joyous occasion.

What exactly is the source for the minhag of an upsherin? What are the reasons behind it? What does it entail? In The Upsherin, you will find a wealth of information and sources that clarify the background and the many halachos and minhagim that relate to a child's third birthday and his introduction to Torah study. The minhag of bringing the child to the "Aleph-Beis rebbi" in cheder is explained in detail, as well as the halachos of yarmulka and tzitzis as they apply to children.

  • May the upsherin be done earlier than the child's third birthday?
  • Who should cut the child's hair, and what should be done with the hair afterward?
  • What is the proper size for a yarmulka and tzitzis?
  • What does the chiyuv of chinuch entail?
  • Why is a child's Torah learning considered to be even greater than that of our gedolim?

All of these questions and more are addressed in this one-of-a-kind book that is both comprehensive and enlightening, yet easy-to-read and enjoyable.

By Rabbi Chaim Shmuel Weber

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