The Zehlemer Rov

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Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Grunwald, zt"l His Life, Accomplishments and Legacy

Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Grunwald zt"l, the illustrious Zehlemer Rov, was rabbi, rosh yeshivah, mentor, community leader, and pioneer in the spiritual wilderness of post-war America. Revered for his Torah erudition, unsurpassed humility, and tremendous chesed - and known for his strict, uncompromising path in adherence to halachah and tradition - the Zehlemer Rov was likewise beloved for his pristine middos and peace-loving relationships with his fellow Jews.
Written by a close talmid of over thirty years, this intimate, comprehensive biography opens a window into the illuminating world and pious deeds of this spiritual giant, replete with rare photos and genealogical information about the famous Grunwald family. Jewish life in Zehlem, Austria is vividly described along with the Rebbe's pioneering efforts on behalf of the fledgling American Jewish community - specifically in facilitating the availability of cholov Yisroel milk and glatt kosher meat. Also included are firsthand accounts of the Rebbe's blessed influence and yeshuos, as well as historical information about the Zehlemer Yeshivoh and its burgeoning chesed network with the Rebbe at its helm.

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