Three Cheers for Madame Chamberlaine

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Locked in the zoo with creepy creatures? Chasing a sea
captain in a wobbly motorboat? Stuck on a skidding bus during a major
snowstorm? Mais oui, Madame Chamberlaine is here pour aider!

Madame Chamberlaine with her bubbly laugh, pink-tasseled scarves, and
delicious homemade French pastries, helps sisters Shprintzi and Shuly
in one hilarious escapade after another. Join them as they zoom through
the neighborhood in a glass car with flashing lights, tame a baby and
his flying pacifier, and explore a bizarre crime in a haunted house.

Once again, well-loved author Tzipie Wolner has created a collection
of entertaining, action-packed adventures that will keep you smiling.
Three Cheers for Madame Chamberlaine is the third book in the widely
popular Madame Chamberlaine series. So allons vite!

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