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This book is the comprehensive guide for effective school leadership with practical tools on how to navigate the challenges.Following the 'Today You Will Learn' series for teachers, Today You Will Learn Masterful Leadership primarily addresses principals in their unique role as school leaders. The purpose of this book is to provide school principals with the resources, ideas, support, and tools they need to effectively lead the school in the best manner possible.In this book, principals will learn how to effectively navigate all the components of the school; students, teachers, parents, and how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.One of the most powerfully guiding principles every educator must embrace can be found in Pirkei Avos (4:15): "Rabbi Elazar ben Shamua said: The honor of your student should be as dear to you as your own." Teachers are also students, and it is the role of the principal to lead them in their awesome task.Every educator is zocheh to receive all kochos they need to help their students succeed. If Hashem placed you in this position, He gave you whatever it takes to succeed. This book is a great resource of tools and techniques to maximize your success.Being a principal or teacher of Jewish children is an awesome responsibility and a unique privilege. Only a select few people are worthy of this great undertaking. These heroes will be rewarded with great joy, happiness, and health. With the help of Hashem, these unique individuals will be zocheh to raise beautiful generations of children to illuminate the world with their Torah and avodah.This book will help:

  • You be a more effective leader
  • You have a clear mission for the school and yourself
  • You with how to enhance the curriculum
  • You with developing more effective communication skills
  • You lead a school that is unique, warm and friendly
  • You with skills to manage your time effectively and productively
  • You work as partners with all the constituencies of the school

Masterful School Leadership includes almost 800 pages of helpful information to strengthen your position and make it very rewarding. It includes study guides at the end of each chapter, sample documents and forms, a DVD with forms and articles, and case studies for discussion.

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