Torah Anthology - Me'am Loez - Exodus (1) - Israel in Egypt - Vol. 4

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Portions of Shemot and Vaera.

In this volume the story of the Exodus, the birth of the Jewish people is brought to life in a manner that only a Torah giant such as Rabbi Yaakov Culi could achieve. Anthology of the major classical commentaries is presented, not as a dry textual analysis, but as living drama.

The Torah Anthology is a clear, modern translation of Me'am Lo'ez, hailed as "the outstanding work of Ladino literature" Written by R' Yaakov Culi, one of the greatest Sepharadie sages of his time, the book was first published in 1730. It changed the spiritual climate of the entire Mediterranian region.

Eastern Jews esteemed Me'am Lo'ez as a major classic, affording it virtually the same status as the Talmud and Midrash. Many count Me'am Lo'ez among the best commentaries ever written on the Torah-in any language. The book is a veritable encyclopedia of Jewish knowledge.

Translated by: Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

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