Torah, Chazal, Science

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The religious person in the modern world "especially the academic world" lives under fire.

In every area his views are assailed as outmoded and anachronistic. In the scientific arena, in particular, new discoveries and theories constantly call into question traditional notions. In response, a new literary genre has arisen offering innovative approaches to issues of religion and science. Jewish writers have not been left behind. 
Torah, Chazal & Science is a unique contribution to this discussion in its emphasis on faithfulness to the Mesorah "the system of beliefs passed down from generation to generation" and on appreciation for the profundity of Chazal (the sages of the Talmud).

The author's thesis is that valid solutions can come only from within the Torah's own framework. Moreover, remaining true to the classic sources is the best way to let the Torah's light shine forth. Authentic Torah sells itself.
Through this book the reader will gain a new appreciation for the Torah™s truth and beauty.
By: Rabbi Moshe Meiselman

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