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When is our relationship with God like a game of Red Rover?
How is the Exodus from Egypt like the leap from atop a zip-line wall?
Why is it good to let our kids want stuff?

In this thoughtfully crafted collection of relevant, poignant, and sometimes whimsical writings, D'vorah Miller offers responses to these and other questions about which you may or may not have wondered. She invites us to see ourselves in her very human, very hopeful reflections on the weekly Torah readings and the festivals. Through classical commentaries, personal stories, and creative perspectives, the author poses her musings in ways that challenge us to value ourselves enough to be more than we already are.

"This work is refreshingly written. It contains brief but pithy insights into life's most important issues, based on the weekly Torah readings. Highly recommended."
- Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz, founder and director of Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum, author, senior lecturer at JLE-London

"With this book, D'vorah Miller has shared a universe of creative insights that merge ordinary experiences with extraordinary Biblical stories, showing us yet again how ancient wisdom still speaks so loudly to us today."
- Dr. Erica Brown, author, lecturer, and director of the Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership

D'vorah Miller has been teaching children and adults about Judaism, relationships, self-esteem, and spirituality for over thirty years across four continents. She has edited several books, published articles, and posted videos on effective parenting and personal growth based on Torah teachings. D'vorah served as assistant to the Regional Director and Alumni Coordinator for New England NCSY. D'vorah and her husband, Rabbi Shmuel Miller, served as a rabbinical couple of Ohr Somayach synagogue in Cape Town, South Africa, and she was Director of Jewish Studies at Irvine Hebrew Day School in Orange County, California.
At present, D'vorah designs curriculum, teaches, and mentors educators for Ikaron, an Orange County-based Hebrew school. D'vorah also facilitates learning at the Hebrew Academy of Huntington Beach. She holds a Judaic studies teaching certification from Bnot Chayil College in Jerusalem, Israel; a general teaching certification from New South Wales Board of Education in Sydney, Australia; and a certification in therapeutic counselling from MST College in London, England.

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