Upon the Wings of an Eagle

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Chaya Diane HagerSKU: 210000005003   | ISBN: 9781614655190

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A bright full moon appeared in the dark sky. Then suddenly they heard a noise. Someone was coming. “Hurry, don’t make a sound. We must hide behind those trees,” said Faigel. She held Shaindel tightly, whispering, “You must be quiet, shhh…”They held their breath while they listened to footsteps approaching. They heard some whispering. Did the Cossacks know they were hiding there? Shaindel was trembling with fear, and Faigel held her tighter still. She covered the girl’s mouth with her hand. ? Asudden attack by ruthless Cossacks leaves the village of Krevietsky in shambles. Dedicated wife and mother Faigel Friedman, heartbroken and alone, must build her life anew. With emunah and determination, she makes one difficult decision after another—cutting ties with those closest to her, choosing between two children—forging on despite her pain. Will Faigel’s new life fill the lingering emptiness in her heart? In this compelling tale, talented author Chaya Diane Hager takes readers on a fascinating journey spanning cultures and continents—from a close-knit Russian shtetl and frigid Siberian labor camp to the pushcarts and packed streets of New York’s Lower East Side; from the horse-drawn carriages of Buenos Aires and vast green plains of the Pampas to fledgling Eretz Yisrael under Turkish and British rule. Join Faigel on her search for redemption, upon the wings of an eagle, soaring higher than ever before.

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