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Eighteen-year-old Megan Ashby leaves behind her comfortable life in California, her lavish house, and hired help, for a year abroad in the cramped quarters of a Jerusalem seminary. Her family is outraged and they demand that she stop exploring her Jewish roots. Can Megan forge ahead despite her questions and doubts, and connect to the path she knows is true?

In the shtetl of Szeclow, in war-torn Poland, the Zaslovsky family reels from a shocking calamity. Will sisters Shprintze and Goldie cling to their faith and their relationship or will the trauma of the war tear them apart?

In this heartwarming historical novel, talented author Sara Sumner takes readers on a fascinating journey spanning cultures and continents. Whether in a close-knit European town or bustling New York City; the luxury of Los Angeles or the cobblestone streets of the Old City, a person can always come back to their true home.

By: Sara Sumner

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